The post of General Manager has been filled by Lori Stevenson, who officially began her duties at 8AM June 13. 

Stevenson expressed her excitement for her new post to The Phoenix, “I have had occasion to work with the students on this campus in the past, and find their passion, determination and impact truly inspiring.” She also expressed her gratitude for her role in making students’ educational journey as rewarding and meaningful as possible. 

Stevenson was chosen by a hiring committee of seven staff and students, chaired by SUO president Amal Alhuwayshil. 

“Lori brings extensive experience in managing non-for profit societies, substantial knowledge of financials, advocacy as well as working with diverse groups,” said Alhuwayshil, “Her insights into the MNP report were illuminating, and her implementation plan is promising."

The job posting was advertised based on the description of the General Manager role in the SUO Bylaws in addition to other details of the position as approved by the Board of Directors and the Hiring committee. This job posting was widely circulated on multiple online job boards beginning April 4. The close-date of the posting was April 18 however it remained active online to ensure the maximum number of potential candidates would be considered.  

A total of 86 applications were received by the Hiring Committee which were reviewed by each member of the Committee. Members determined whether candidates would be interviewed based primarily on their leadership, education, financial and advocacy experience. 

Seven candidates were chosen to be interviewed on April 25, 30 and May 9. The Hiring Committe developed questions designed to give members a greater understanding of the candidate's experience, while weighing their enthusiasm for the position. 

The candidates were narrowed down by the Committee based on their resume and interview performance. The final two candidates were provided with the MNP Governance Review and were asked to give a 10-minute presentation on their top three recommendations for the Union based on the Review.

In addition to the Hiring Committee members, one member of the previous Board, one staff member, and other members of the current Board attended the presentations.

At the end of the presentation the consensus regarding the chosen candidate was unanimous and following reference checks Lori Stevenson was hired as General Manager. 

Alhuwayshil is optimistic for the upcoming year, “I look forward to working with Lori in supporting the Board to improve the services, facilitate better events and advocate for the betterment of students lives. I am very excited for what future holds for UBCSUO!”

Stevenson shares this sentiment, stating that, “[The General Manager] role will be a fantastic opportunity for me to use my varied skills and expertise to contribute to the growth and stability to the UBCSUO, and I look forward to many successful years on campus.”