I know you’ve all experienced an awkward silence. Now imagine that for the duration of an entire movie.  

I say this because A Quiet Place is probably the quietest movie experience I have ever had, not only because the movie itself has maybe 5 lines of audible dialogue the entire time, but also due to the fact that the movie stunned everyone in the theatre into silence.  

The premise of this horror/thriller directed by The Office’s John Krasinski (he played Jim!) is his family is constantly under threat of being eaten by creatures that can only track them through sound. It’s a tale of thrilling survival, but what truly sets this apart from the usual horror movies is that Krasinski centers the themes and core of the story around family, which gives the movie lots of heart, which I usually find lacking in horror movies (albeit usually for a good reason).  

The themes of family are helped by amazing performances from the cast, particularly the chemistry between the mother and father, as Krasinski smartly casted his wife Emily Blunt in the role. These all add up to truly sell the fact that these people are a family.

Although the movie is incredibly solid, the plot is mostly barebones as shown by the relatively short run time of 1h30. It doesn’t really try anything new and if it wasn’t for the concept of the creatures, the movie doesn’t have much to stand on that helps it stick out. I wish Krasinski could have added more twists and turns to the plot in his script rewrites, or perhaps some more dynamic cinematography, yet his decision to focus on familial relationships in a thriller movie should be applauded as enough to help this movie stick out.  

For those usually scared of horror movies, the movie definitely is less horror and more thriller, so if you are scared of ghosts chillin under your bed at night (like me), have no fear because your heart will be pounding from the suspense rather than jump scares and creepy monsters, although horror movie fans will also get a couple doses of scary moments. All in all, I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone, as we can all relate to family, and this movie will definitely get some unexpected feels from it’s audience.

If you enjoy when a horror movie's story centers around families and feeling invested in their well-being (similar to The Conjuring franchise) this movie will scratch those itches. If you’re a non horror movie fan, if you enjoyed thrilling movies such as Psycho or the much more recent Get Out, you’ll love this movie as well.