Our takes on troubled owners, Tiger, and Heat athletics.

Q1: Which Dallas sports team owner is in hotter water; Mark Cuban or Jerry Jones?

Brendan: Mark Cuban, as the NBA fined him $600,000 for blatantly stating that the Mavericks were going to tank or try to lose so they can obtain a high lottery pick during the draft. This incident came right after the accusations made by numerous employees of the Mavericks organization about the inappropriate culture that Cuban established as the owner of the franchise. Cuban has been controversial ever since he took ownership of the Mavericks, but now it appears as though others have had enough of it and their actions could determine whether or not Cuban continues as the Mavericks owner in the near future.

Grayson: Mark Cuban. No matter how much trouble Jerry Jones gets himself into, he is an institution in the NFL. If what he did last season in working against the commissioner’s new salary didn’t put him out the door, nothing reasonable will. Cuban, on the other hand, has a legitimate reason to worry. The fine for tanking was debatable, but the issues around the staff and accusations against some of them are not. Having become a liberal icon and the most hands-on owner in the NBA, there is no expectation of ignorance when it comes to Cuban and anything that goes on with his team. His immediate response to the accusations against a member of his staff was weak, and as an owner and a man with potential political aspirations, everything that’s happened around him recently gives cause to question his ability and sincerity.

Q2: Is Tiger Woods making a legitimate comeback?

Brendan: No. The media perpetuates the fact that Tiger Woods still has the capabilities of returning to the player he once was, which was a golfer on the path to becoming the greatest in history; However, Tiger has lost what made him great, which is his mentality. Scandals, injuries setback and struggles on the course may not have impeded his physical capabilities, but they have deteriorated Tiger’s psyche. He can continue to try to return, as much as we can hope, to be the Tiger of the past, but that is not what he is in the present, and because of it his future will most likely consist of repeated inconsistent performances with the media and ourselves continuing to long for his glory days.

Grayson: Yes. He’ll never be the player that he was, but he is making a comeback in the sense that he is getting back to a place where he can be legitimately competitive against some of the best golfers in the world. After his spinal fusion, he has a range of movement that allows him to get a strong swing back, and after a few more tournaments against top-tier golfers on courses built to challenge the best of the best, I think we’re going to see him near the top of the leaderboard. I personally have high hopes for him at Augusta in a few weeks.

Q3: What has been the best UBCO athletics story this year?

Brendan: Kelsey Serwa's gold medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is an excellent story for present and future student-athletes. Despite being an Olympic athlete, she is also currently studying Human Kinetics at UBCO after studying physiotherapy at Okanagan College. Additionally, in 2014 she created the KSER scholarship fund for graduating student-athletes in Kelowna. The fact that she continues to revert to education either in the form of helping others or continuing to educate herself while remaining one of the best skiers in the world is an indication to who she is as an otherworldly role model for student-athletes everywhere.

Grayson: The Heat golf program. Essentially called off at the end of last season due to funding issues, the community helped to get the UBCO golfers back up and running, and they had one of their best seasons yet. Neither the men’s or women’s team finished below 2nd in any of the four regular-season tournaments, and the men’s side opened their season with a pair of first-place tournament finishes. After that much uncertainty, the fact that they were able to put together an outstanding season is absolutely impressive. On top of that, the Heat golf program earned a national silver medal at the 2017 CCAA PING National Championships. All in all, I think they put to bed any doubts that some may have had about whether or not they were worth keeping around.