Grocery runs can be dreadful on the best of days, and become even more so when factoring in the cold weather, bus schedules and bags of groceries tugging at your shoulders.

Despite the upgrades made to the bus loop at UBC-Okanagan, it’s often easier for students without vehicles to rely on campus food and fast-food deliveries than venture off campus for healthy alternatives.

The Red Frogs organization, in partnership with The House church, has started an initiative to combat this problem.

The service, aptly named “Grocery Runs,” brings students to and from Superstore free of charge via a shuttle provided by The House church.

The students express their interest through a Doodle Poll posted on the Red Frogs’ Facebook page every Friday, and rendezvous with the rest of the participants in the University Centre on campus before boarding the shuttle. They are given 45 minutes to shop and then brought back directly to each of their respective residence buildings.

“We saw a need for students to get to and from grocery stores and so with the help of The House we were able to put together this initiative.”

When asked why Red Frogs decided to begin the service, coordinator Jennifer King said that the organization wanted to support the students differently than they had in the past – which involved offering aid at campus parties like Frosh and Recess.

“The idea came from Red Frogs wanting to love and support the campus further than [simply] helping at big campus parties,” said King, “we saw a need for students to get to and from grocery stores and so, with the help of The House, we were able to put together this initiative.”

Athena An, a first-year student at UBC-Okanagan, commented that although it didn’t transport her to her usual supermarket, Costco, she would continue to use it. “It’s kind of difficult since I have to carry a lot of groceries and take the bus, [the service] helped me a lot,” An said.

The service is scheduled to continue to run on Tuesdays for the remainder of the school year, taking a pause over the summer break and resuming in September.