ASA Dance Team Interview

By Wey Lynn Liong - Contributor

There are so many platforms to express oneself, and UBCO is filled with many opportunities to do that, but today, the focus will be on dancing. I got the chance to talk to Rachael Wong, leader of the ASA Dance Team, along with a team member, Kayla Oh, on their story and how to be a part of it!

Lynn Liong: When was the ASA Dance Team established?

Rachael Wong: September 2015.

Kayla Oh: We started out as ASA Dance Team, but in September last year, we chose a new name and created a new logo for better promotion of the team.

LL: What is the current name of the team?

KO: It's IGNiS, which means fire in Latin.

LL: How was the team founded?

RW: During Club Day, in 2015, when I was in first year and Julie, our leader at that time, was in the third year. Peter Teng came to us. He was the president of the Asian Student Association at that time. He came to us and said, "I know you guys like dancing, do you guys want to form a dance team?" Julie was confused and worried because she didn't know if she was going to succeed to be a leader. Because at that time, there was only me and her dancing together. So, Peter was like "You guys have potential, I will help you guys out. I know there are so many talents on the campus and I want you guys to grow big." So, Julie agreed, and we formed the ASA Dance Team.

LL: What dance genres do you all usually do?

RW: K-pop, Western pop, and Hip-hop. The songs we tend to choose usually is Korean pop, and we typically do dance covers instead of choreographies, because we're all students.

KO: As students from Asian culture, we'd like to spread our culture as well as incorporate it into our dances. So, we'd also want to do Western pop, so it's easier for people to understand and enjoy the dance at the same time.

LL: So far, what events have you all performed at?

KO: Usually it's Club Day, ASA Ice Breaker, Harmony and sometimes KSA and SEAC events. We've also performed at Relay for Life before, and we're regularly invited to perform at UDC's year-end dance show, Danceology. We also performed for Dipp Dance Studio last year, which is off-campus.

LL: What's the most memorable?

RW: I feel like so far, it's Dipp Dance. Because it's off-campus and Dipp Dance is pretty popular in Kelowna right now. The leader of the team was from the NBA Toronto Raptors, and they know us. They invited us, and that means that we have particular popularity around the campus and we were given the opportunity to perform in such a big stage. That was a really great opportunity to show our passion for dancing to the community instead of the campus.

LL: If students are interested, how should they contact you?

RW: Through Facebook, and we annually have recruitment auditions around September or October. They can contact our Facebook or just shoot us an email.