Photo by Andrew Memije
Photo by Andrew Memije

Mexico’s Cabrakaan knows how to deliver an amazing performance!

Muninn’s Post is such a unique venue and hosts many exciting and talented bands. This past Thursday, February 15th, saw Mexico's Cabrakaan blow the crowds minds. The band consists of Marko Cipaktli on drums and harsh vocals, Pat Cuikani on symphonic vocals and ocarinas, Paul Belmar on guitar, and Alex Navarro on guitar. This talented band sang melodies that flowed into the crowd's ears in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Nahuatl, and Zapoteco. They indeed were a unique live experience and should be put on your list of bands to watch out for in 2018. They have a new full length set to be released this year, and, if their charisma and stage presence is any indication, it will be a fantastic album! Boasting beautiful Aztec inspired makeup and costumes, they were a joy to watch, and the beautiful operatic vocals blessed our ear canals with their holy tune.

Cabrakaan classifies themselves as Mexican Folk Metal, but don't let that scare you because they have something for fans of any genre to enjoy. Mixing inviting melodies, operatic and beautiful female vocals, and exotic instruments such as ocarinas, Jarocha harp, and marimba, it was an excellent and refreshing experience in the metal scene. Blending tradition with bone crushing riffs and ethereal, yet powerful vocal melodies is such an attractive contrasting experience. Marko's drum kit was draped in a Mexican Flag, and Pat's mic stand was decorated with a beautiful floral arrangement. It brought this sense of wonder and patriotic pride to our little Viking bar here in Kelowna. They are wonderfully talented musicians and executed every song with ease. It was easy to go from a new listener to a fan in the span of an evening.

Cabrakaan comes from a character in the Mayan sacred book known as Popol Vuh, which is the name of the god of mountains and earthquakes. If you are looking for a new exciting band that may take you out of your comfort zone, they come highly recommended. Having gone to a great deal of metal shows, it is clear that they have the talent and the unique qualities to stand above many other bands out there as a band worth seeing.

Forsaken Rite opened up for them, and they also have set themselves down a different path than many metal bands. They fuse harsh riffs and vocals, with electric bagpipes and accordion! They tend to evoke a feeling of going on an adventure while screaming at the top of your lungs. The whole evening was a fantastic experience and do not hesitate to give Cabrakaan a listen; you will not be disappointed.