You know you do it and that’s why we lost the right to it.

Texting and driving is illegal, no if’s, and’s, or but’s.

But it didn’t used to be. Driving and talking on the phone or texted used to be common practice, and you could get good with it. I once typed out my English homework while I was driving to school to hand in my English homework. It was made illegal, and righteously so, because to many people were getting in accidents and dying.

Texting and driving is dangerous even when it appears to be safe, like at red lights or on a straight and empty road. The claim is that when you look up from your phone and see traffic moving you will instinctively move, even if it is not safe to do so. Even on a supposedly empty road, things can jump out at you like a turning car or an animal.

The problem I see is that you do so much more in your car that takes you attention off the road. Radio controls, heating settings, billboards, a cute dog on the side of the road, or even traffic itself. None of this can be outlawed yet it still happens, and you learn to deal with it. Texting is an exception because people abused the right which resulted in accidents. They would stare at their phones for too long and over distract themselves. In the words of Jim Jefferies, society has to walk as slow as our slowest person. Those who abused the right to text and drive ruined it for the rest of us.

Now I am not saying that this new law doesn’t save lives because it does, and I am not advocating for the repeal of the law because I think it’s a good law. The individual driver doesn’t have the ability to abuse billboards or cute dogs because you can only look for so long, however, you have the ability to abuse the right to look at your phone. Those who text and drive do it, because they think that they are good, regardless of their actual ability, and that’s why we need the law.