Local Artists Were Chosen to be a Part of Fundraising Support for Ducks Unlimited.

Ducks Unlimited Canada is a habitat conservation group dedicated to preserving and restoring the natural habitats of wetlands and grasslands. Their goal is to ensure that these habitats continue to exist for many more generations to come while simultaneously improving the lives of Canadians. They have been established since 1938 and have impressively completed 10,366 projects which have enhanced and restored 158.8 acres of habitat. They partner with government, industry, non-profit organizations, as well as landowners to achieve their goals. Conserving these habitats, not only benefits ducks and other waterfowl, but it benefits many other species that travel through, including humans. Unfortunately, even with all of their efforts we still lose up to 80 acres every day. There are many ways that one can help this worthy cause. They have an online store that you can buy merchandise from, including travel mugs, shoulder bags, hats, socks, and signed hockey jerseys, so you can definitely find something, either for yourself or as a gift. If that doesn't sound exciting to you, they have two types of auctions to bid on beautiful pieces of art or other fun items. There is a live auction and a sealed bid auction, in which no one else can see your bid and you must simply hope that you bid high enough to win the item.

This brings me to the exciting part of the community; this year, two local Okanagan artists have work included in these auctions. Jodie Dansereau is from Lake Country and one of her works, titled Head Above Water, was selected to be part of the 2018 National Art Portfolio for their fundraisers. They receive hundreds of submissions every year, so it is quite the accomplishment to be selected. Speaking about her piece, Jodie said " I was reading about a polar bear and her cub that had swam for around 22 hours, searching for ice flows, which in previous years had been there. However, now, none were to be found. As I read the article, in my mind's eye, I brought myself down to the polar bear's level, imagining the look of desperation, struggle, and fear on her face." A Penticton artist is also selected for this year. Terry Issac submitted a piece called Trotting to Water. He is inspired by observing nature, always on the lookout for those magical moments. One of his favourite things to paint is horses, especially since they are wild in Penticton. Terry said about his painting "I tried to capture the feeling of dust and heat as they form a line - heading for a cool drink." Both of their paintings were made into prints that you can buy from their website, events in your city, or on art auction easels in businesses across the country. Go check out their work on www.ducks.ca and if it moves you support a wonderful cause! Congratulations to these local artists for being chosen!