What’s wrong with it?

Music is a universal language. It connects everyone and makes us feel various emotions because it is a language all its own. Just like a language system has different dialects, music has its own distinct genres as well. That’s what makes music such a beautiful type of art, its individual uniqueness. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, the listener and everyone’s taste in music varies. So, why are people still being music-shamed for liking a certain genre of music?

It’s understandable that there is music that is out of your comfort zone, or sang in a different language and hence, sounds “weird”. Just because that type of music doesn’t fit into your definition of good music or the song isn’t in any of the top charts that the whole world seems to be listening to, doesn’t make it bad. Neither does it give anyone the right to shame someone else for listening to a different genre of music. On the contrary, having so many types of music expands the industry, giving so many more chances to dreaming musicians. Of course, that doesn’t include joking banters like the kind of jokes people make over pineapples on pizza, but the fine line between jokes and genuine judgmental statements still exist.

Music is entirely subjective because it evokes various mixed feelings for each person, and we’re aware of that. Therefore, criticizing someone for liking different types of songs and making them feel bad for liking something you don’t particularly fancy would just bring down their self-esteem, making them feel alienated. Not only are you isolating the individual, you’re also isolating their community. I mean, you wouldn’t do that to someone who likes a different flavour of ice-cream or type of pizza merely because you don’t choose to eat them.

So what if I like watching anime music videos, insanely jamming out to heavy metal or dancing to choreographies of Korean-pop? That doesn’t make someone different, it just means that we’re unique humans. That does not make us wrong. Instead of music shaming, why not have an open mind and accept that everyone just has their own style? Who knows, you might grow to like the music they’re listening to.