UBC offers the opportunity to get advice about their portfolios

On January 13th, in the Creative and Critical Studies building, UBCO will be hosting portfolio day. The purpose of this event is to offer those who are interested in the fine arts program at UBCO feedback on their existing portfolio. This event runs from 10a.m. to 12p.m.

Those attending are allowed to bring ten pieces of artwork, either completed or in progress, as long as they are a showcase of the best possible work that can be offered. Alternatively, those interested can also bring up to three short videos that also are a showcase of their best work or show the range of media that they have used. In consideration of this, those attending can also present their best work on a laptop.

Portfolio day also allows for more than simple feedback to those who are interested. It also allows for advice to those who are still building a portfolio, particularly if they wish to gain entrance into UBCO’s Fine Arts program. Not only that, but according to UBCO’s event page, this event can also be used to “obtain pre-approval for the portfolio requirement as part of your application to the Visual Arts BFA program at UBC Okanagan.”

There are also “four Creative Days Workshops planned for the coming months,” which are “specifically for prospective applicants to the Visual Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Program or anyone interested in pursuing visual arts courses at UBC’s Okanagan campus.” It will “provide a chance to learn about the program and campus facilities through fun, hands-on projects.”

This opportunity could be incredibly useful for those who would like to gain entrance into this program. If there are any questions, contact briar.craig@ubc.ca