Despite ESPN’s recent reporting, the Pats are not imploding and will win the Super Bowl. Again.

ESPN reported on January 4 that the New England Patriots were on the brink of collapse. Not only is that statement dramatic, but the reasons behind that rationale are straight out of a fictional drama. As a Miami Dolphins fan I am loathe to admit it, but the Patriots are going to keep on winning and are going to take home their sixth Lombardi Trophy this season. Sideline issues and any power struggle between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Bob Kraft, real or (most likely) otherwise, are going to stop the winning machine in Massachusetts.

A confrontation between Brady and offensive coordination Josh McDaniels on December 3 was caught on camera after the quarterback made a rare mistake the play before against the Bills, and has been spread online and commented on extensively since. Despite my inherent desire to see them lose, or at least start to self-destruct and bring an end to the painfully enduring Brady-Belichick era, I am confident that they will continue to be a dominant thorn in the side of the whole of the NFL for years to come.

The suggested power struggles and personal differences that might bring any other franchise down will not affect the Patriots, because their three leaders are essentially the Borg”

What ESPN and many others at the moment seem to forget is that the Patriots are not like any other football team. With Brady, Belichick, and Kraft combined, they are the superteam that every other team wishes they were. The suggested power struggles and personal differences that might bring any other franchise down will not affect the Patriots because their three leaders are essentially the Borg; their personal feelings and egos simply do not factor in. Tom Brady is as close to a cyborg as the NFL has seen since Bo Jackson, Bill Belichick is a robot, and Bob Kraft is a being that stays young purely on his continuing ability to make money.

Going into a season that is not too far removed from the ‘Deflategate’ controversy and the New England franchise’s confrontation with commissioner/wannabe Bond villain Roger Goodell, the drive to win and continue to embarrass the man who tried to bring them down will overcome any would-be personal differences or disagreements about who the real ‘head’ of the team is.

The blackboard material being amassed by the Patriots at the moment, including the recent reports that Belichick is interested in the head coaching job with the New York Giants, is more likely a concoction of the franchise to motivate themselves than it is any legitimate sports reporting that will be proven right in the immediate future. Even if they hate each other and spend their off days devising ways to undermine each other, their collective legacy and the potential for six championship rings demands that they, as they have always done, move past their mortal inclinations and continue on being the metaphorical meatgrinder that they have been for pretty much all of my recent memory.