Take what you can get

It is often said that being a full time student is a students job. It is your nine to five and it is what you should put all of your efforts into. This is true, but it does lack one important similarity. Being paid. Having a part-time job can be both a blessing and a curse. It can help you pay for much-needed groceries or simply an extra night out with your friends. It can also add to your stress by stacking on extra responsibilities to your already full plate.

Many students look for résumé-filling jobs, positions that are relevant to their field of study, which help by increasing their job prospects after university. These are the best kind of jobs that you can get. These are top tier and should be what you strive for. However, it is unrealistic that you can find such a thing in Kelowna because it is nearly impossible to find such a job that also fits in with a full class schedule.

The best kind of job you can get has nothing to do with the actual work itself. Instead look for a job or a boss that can be extremely accommodating to a busy schedule and last minute changes. This means that the work you will be doing might be boring or mundane, but that’s okay because all you are looking for is a paycheck. For example, Bonanza Meat and Deli was my best university job because my boss understood the struggles of a university student and was beyond accommodating.

Students should strive for the former, but should easily accept the latter. A part-time job helps build character, as clichéd as it sounds. You are a step ahead of those who do not have a job because you are not shocked by the real world when you get there. At the very least you have pocket change and at the most you have a fantastic head start on student loans. Never feel ashamed for working a shit job, it’s a part of life and it gives you exactly what you need: a paycheck.

Lauren St.Clair/ The Phoenix News
Lauren St.Clair/ The Phoenix News