Caitlyn Mackie Photography
Caitlyn Mackie Photography

The Student Union Productions hosted an on-campus Toga-themed party in The Well on Friday, December 1. The sold out party accommodated approximately 360 students adorned in toga attire and was set to be another spectacular all-ages campus event.

However, at approximately 2 a.m. Moe Azzam, the Students’ Union Vice-President Services, was notified that the men’s bathroom in the UNC had been trashed. A light had been dislodged from the ceiling, drywall littered the floor, and the wall had been smashed in with portions of it placed in heaps on the sink counter.

Beau Loomer, Executive Director for SUP, commented on the vandalism, saying, “We at SUP do our best to create a safe and friendly party atmosphere for our attendees. But in order to achieve this we need our guests to do the same. Everyone needs to bring a positive attitude to the party so we can all enjoy it. Nobody benefits when property is needlessly destroyed.”

Azzam posted a video of the aftermath on the UBCO-Class of 2019 Facebook Page, stating, “We love hosting these parties for you but unfortunately incidents such as this one makes make it ever so difficult for us to have them on a regular basis and in a sustainable manner. We hold these parties for-students. However, we are unable to do so if individuals vandalize UBC property in this way. Parties are a privilege that UBC allows us to hold in a safe and contained environment, and it makes everyone’s job unnecessarily difficult when things like this occur. If you witnessed this incident or have leads on who may have been responsible please send us a message.”

Azzam is currently unsure of how this will affect future on-campus parties, but has plans to speak with UBC in the following week to discuss possible changes to their operations.

It is unclear who will be covering the expenses for the repairs. Loomer is concerned that if UBC chooses not to pay, and insurance is unable to cover it, that Student Union Productions will be burdened with the costs. “We have seen minor occurrences of vandalism in the past,” Loomer said, “but nothing to this degree. Student fees do not subsidize our events or these damages, so incidents like this affect the sustainability of our future parties.”