Do you drink before or after your midterm?

Drinking is a depressant and does not help in the way of stress, and students have a lot of stress. From midterms that never end to papers that won’t type themselves, it seems that the stress of a student is always high all the time. While it is not new to anyone that students drink a lot, whether it’s at dorm parties, downtown on the weekend, or casually in The Well during the week, those students who are drinking should understand the reasons behind their consumption of alcohol.

While I am not one to critique others and their drinking habits, I do think that it is important for those who are drinking to recognize the core reasoning for it. Are you drinking on a Friday after a week of midterms and projects in order to let off steam? Or are you drinking before those midterms in order to deal with them? One is considered a way to relax or to be social, the other has the potential to be a problem. If alcohol is viewed as a solution to problems, it will become its own problem. If you do suspect that you have a drinking problem, I highly recommend going and seeing the counsellors on campus – they are a fantastic resource.

If you’re drinking to deal with your school stress, I can promise that it will not help. When you drink to deal with a problem it makes that problem worse, it gets played up in your mind, or you forget the problem altogether. Regardless of the momentary solution you tell yourself that you have found, that problem has not gone away.

Now drinking after that problem has been dealt with is a different story. The problem has gone away, and you have that opportunity to relax. Nobody should ever drink in excess or put themselves in danger, but I am simply suggesting that you realize why you are drinking: is it after the midterm, or before?