With the upcoming elections just around the corner, the Phoenix reached out to candidates to hear what they had to say about their campaigns! Check it out!


Tell us about yourself and your involvement in the UBCO community—

Brief List of Campus Experiences/Involvements:

Leadership and Civic Engagement ILC, Member

UBCO Students Housing and Hospitality, Resident Advisor

Students Leadership Conference 2016, Speaker

Campus Recreation/Hangar Fitness Centre, Sub teacher

Intercultural Program, Member

UBCO Yoga Club, Executive Chair + Yoga Teacher

Students Leadership Conference 2017, Speaker

Breaking Boundaries Conference, Chief of Operations

TEDXUBCO 2017, Speaker

Why are you running for your position?

It all started on October 11, 2016, my birthday, when I received a dare to get involved in student politics and the Students’ Union. I started looking at the positions and what each entails, where I found the role of VP External resonates with what motivates me— my mission, my ambition, and what I wake up for every day. I am always eager to find opportunities to passionately advocate for the equality and empowerment of all people. Later that same month, I was approached by Kelly Taverner, VP External 2015/2016, to work with her closely on Breaking Boundaries, which is an initiative she started through her role as VP External.

This has snowballed into a dream that takes my passion along with my previous experiences and involvements into a role that serves the students on a large scale. If students believe that I am the right person to represent them through this role, it is a responsibility I will take on with great honour. I believe that courage can change the status quo, and with thinking differently, I aspire for something better, that we can do next, together.

What will you do if elected? 

Our campus is not only changing the future of its students, but also shaping the future of the Okanagan. Thus, if elected I will:

  • Continue to build a sustainable relationship between the university and the Kelowna community
  • Create a welcoming environment for the community to get involved and engaged in events facilitated by students on and off campus
  • Facilitate more opportunities for student engagement outside the classroom with their Students’ Union and with the community.
  • Take the transparent relationship between the student and the Students Union to a more engaging one; in this place of mind, my mind, my actions, and my heart are open to anyone.
  • Continue in establishing a legacy for the students, the university, and the community, as well as carry forward the legacies of predecessors:

    • VP External 2015/16, Kelly Taverner, Breaking Boundaries Conference
    • VP External 2016/17, Kimberly Rutledge, "Our Bodies, Our Voice" Campaign

  • There is space for tremendous potential, and we are already making an impact. Nevertheless, with better use of the money allocated to organizations such as Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), I believe we can create more opportunities to enhance the students’ affairs and experiences.

One thing that carries me forward is the true value that we can bring to the society and the impact that will amplify to the rest of the word by our students.

Voting opens Wednesday, March 1 at 9 am in the UNC Theatre and Arts Foyer.

For more information check https://www.facebook.com/events/354608551591985/