With campaigning in full swing, the Phoenix reached out to this year's electoral candidates and asked them to answer three questions about their platform and campaign. Those questions were:

1) Tell us about yourself and your involvement with the UBCO community--

2) Why are you running for your position?

3) What will you do if elected?

We've taken the time to compile the responses from candidates, and have published them to allow for easy access to campaign platforms and ideas in a central place. It's important to mention that all candidates were given this opportunity, and were provided with the needed information and appropriate deadlines. The information and ideas included in the responses are purely the candidates', and the Phoenix did little to no editing to ensure and maintain the integrity and equity of the election. You can find all the submitted information at this link:

Candidate Platforms

For more information from all the candidates we encourage you to attend the debates taking place on Friday, February 24 from 5 pm -  8pm, and on Monday, February 27 from 5 pm - 7 pm. Follow the official debate Facebook page for more information!

Debate Facebook Event