Photo Credit: Riley Petillion
Photo Credit: Riley Petillion

UBCSUO Chief Returning Officer (CRO) Nick Ross, channels his inner Ash Ketchum as he turns his hat backwards, and catches ‘em all, handing out one campaign disqualification and one campaign infraction within the first two days of the campaign period.

The first campaign violation committed by UBCSUO Presidential candidate Amy Park was deemed a minor offence resulting in a 20-hour campaigning ban from 12:02 p.m. Tuesday, February 21 to 8:02 a.m. Wednesday, February 22.

After an investigation into a complaint regarding Amy’s use of the UBC Students’ Union Facebook Page to promote her own campaign, the CRO stated on the General Elections website that “no candidate can use Students’ Union materials, equipment, social media accounts, or anything else that is directly related to Students’ Union assets.” While this violation is not explicitly written in such a way, UBCSUO regulations maintain that candidates cannot campaign, “in Student Union businesses and other premises except as permitted by the CRO.”

The second campaign violation of the elections period was committed by VP Services candidate Easton Doran and constituted a major campaign violation, resulting in his immediate disqualification from the election.

A candidate is considered to have committed a major campaign violation if their actions

“materially compromise the integrity of the election; or result in serious harm or undue disadvantage to another candidate.”

In response to a video posted on the candidate’s Facebook page, the CRO found Doran’s video in violation of four separate elections regulations:

19. (a) (i) In Student Union businesses and other premises except permitted by the CRO

(a) (v) Have another candidate’s name or picture in the same graphic, poster, or video.

(a) (xiii) Use profanity on any election material.  This includes any statement or imagery that suggests hatred or intolerance towards any group.

(a) (xiv) Make discriminatory or defamatory statements against another candidate.

The third violation of the campaign period was given Murad Alnashef, VP Finance and Operations Candidate, on February 16, the first violation of the elections period. After the candidate failed to appear for the mandatory all-candidates meeting on February 9, and failed to send a proxy on his behalf, he was disqualified from running in the election.

"As stated in a variety of different mediums--one in the nomination form that is assigned when a candidate enters the election, and two at the candidate information session and the subsequent emails as well to candidates--it is made quite clear to candidates that they need to be aware and adhere to regulation and bylaws that apply to the election" said CRO, Nick Ross. 

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