Photo by Maggie Wilson / The Phoenix News
Photo by Maggie Wilson / The Phoenix News

The UBCSUO Annual General Meeting on October 26, 2016 was definitely not *NSYNC. The meeting began after it’s scheduled start time, and failed to meet quorum of 50 students. As a result, a number of by-law amendments and additions were not voted on. Most of the changes in question are a result of last year’s tumultuous election period, and aim to rectify some of the gaps in the election process.

The proposed changes read as follows:

1.1 Any student who is an Executive, Associate Vice-President, or Director cannot endorse a candidate, nor participate as a campaign volunteer, during the campaigning period of the election.

1.2 Candidates shall be declared ineligible if they fail to attend the All-Candidates Meeting or if the candidate fails to send a proxy to All-Candidates Meeting. The candidate, whether present in person or not, is entirely responsible for all information provided at the All- Candidates Meeting.

1.3 University

1.3.1 For the purposes of this section, “University Elections” refers to the UBC- administered elections for Senate and Board of Governors.

1.3.2 The criteria for voter eligibility in University Elections shall be determined by the Secretary of the University.

1.4 Fair Play: Candidates shall campaign in accordance with the rules of fair play. Breaking the rules of fair play include, but are not limited to, libel, slander, general sabotage of the campaigns of other candidates, misrepresentation of fact, and malicious or intentional breach of this Bylaw or applicable regulations.

1.5 Responsibility of Candidates: Candidates shall be responsible for the actions, violations stemming from such actions, of any volunteer(s) party unless the Candidate satisfies the CRO that they did not direct the action, and could not have reasonably foreseen that the action would occur.

1.5.1 Candidates may dissociate themselves from any person or organization who otherwise be considered a volunteer, provided that they give immediate notice to the CRO, in writing, and provided that the Committee is satisfied that the dissociation is genuine.

1.5.2 A candidate shall not be held responsible for the actions of any person or organization if the candidate has previously and adequately dissociated herself from that person or organization .

1.5.3 Candidates shall compile and maintain an up-to-date list of the names and email addresses of all campaign volunteers. The list shall be forwarded to the CRO within six (6) hours of the CRO’s request.

1.6 It is the responsibility of the Candidate to ensure that all campaign plans, materials, and/or advertisements, conform to all policies and regulations of the UBCSUO and the University. Campaign displays and the distribution of literature on campus are also subject to the requirements of Facilities Management, unless otherwise stated by CRO.

1.7 No Solicitation of the Executive and UBCSUO: Candidates shall not solicit the aid or endorsement of any UBCSUO Staff or Executive member for the purposes of campaigning. In addition, see addition 1.1 of this Bylaw.

1.7.1 No UBCSUO recognized services and resources shall endorse a candidate in any election. Student Associations are separate entities from UBCSUO services and resources.

1.7.2 Any unsolicited aid or endorsement received by a candidate from a Staff or Executive member is prohibited, and the candidate shall not be subject to penalty.

1.8 Cross-Campaigning Campaigning as a slate in any election is prohibited. Each candidate must maintain separate finances, produce unique campaign materials, present campaign platforms distinct from other candidates, and refrain from endorsing another candidate in the election.

1.9 Campaign Materials and Branding: Candidates in all elections, shall refrain from using the UBCSUO or University logo and any other UBCSUO or University copyrighted material or image when producing materials, printed, written, or otherwise produced, for the purposes of campaigning.

Bylaw Amendments

1.1 BIRT Bylaw X, 4.e. be moved under the portfolio of the Vice-President Internal1.2 BIRT Vice-President Services be renamed to Vice-President Student Life

1.3 BIRT Bylaw XIV – Auditors be amended to include: 1.3.1 6. The Board of Directors shall approve the annual report prepared by the auditors prior to the Annual General Meeting.

1.4 BIRT Bylaw VII, be removed and viii. Be amended to read “Faculty Representative from the College of Graduate Studies and Faculty of Education”.

What now? All of these proposed changes are still slated to occur. The question is when. Normally, when Student’s Unions aim to make changes to by-laws outside of the scope of an AGM, they require a SGM (Special General Meeting) where quorum must be reached to vote on the changes. If there is no SGM, then by-law changes can be made on a ballot the UBCSUO hosts their elections for new executives and board members this coming March.

At this time, there is no scheduled SGM to enact these by-laws, and it is unclear as to whether these changes will appear on the ballot. But, if we had to guess, be prepared to vote on these proposed changes in March. Either way, we’re heading down the back road to have these by-laws enacted.

“It would have been nice to enact the by- law in an SGM,” said Executive General Manager Bob Drunkemolle, “but with the current transit strike, and the impending end to the semester, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the term to fit in an SGM. It’s likely that they’ll be added to the ballot in March.”

So I guess it doesn’t really matter if you’re *NSYNC because the backstreet’s back, alright!