Acronyms: abbreviations intended to simplify things but also having the reverse tendency to complicate things.

Ever found yourself walking into a classroom to realize after a few minutes that you are in the wrong class? If not, then congratulations—no matter what you end up doing in life, you should be able to sleep soundly knowing you are not me!

I will never forget the sensation of walking into my first Political Science class to realize, after a few confusing minutes, that I was actually sitting in a third- year French class. Following an awkward moment of packing up my books and bidding everyone au revoir, I realized that I had both mistaken the Arts building for the Arts and Science building and Spanish for French.

Now, some of you reading this may think, perhaps rightfully so, that I was a fool and should have paid more attention reading over the campus map. But the truth is that, despite UBCO’s relatively small campus, it is actually very common for first year students to get confused over which building is which and which names mean what.

If it is your first year at UBCO and you do not want to find yourself in a similar situation or late to a class simply because you’re unsure of which is the correct building, skim over the list of acronyms below to better affiliate yourself with campus.

UNCUniversity Centre
ADM / AdminCampus Administration
UNIUniversity House
EMEEngineering, Management, and Education
CCSCreative and Critical Studies
ASCArts and Science Centre
GYMThe Gymnasium or Hangar
FIPFipke Centre
ARTArts Building
SCIScience Building
RHSReichwald Health Sciences Centre
CSOCampus Security
CHPCentral Heating Plant
MWOMountain Weather Office
DAYDaycare Building

CSRCassiar Residence
MONMonashee Residence
SIMISimilkameen Residence
KALKalamalka Residence
VALValhalla Residence
PURPurcell Residence
NICNicola Residence
Hot SpotThe on-campus convenience store in Monashee