Ontario hard rock band Three Days Grace has produced some great albums over eighteen years. Unfortunately, their newest, Human, is not one of them.

Of Human’s twelve tracks, most blend together, with the three singles – “Painkiller”, “I Am Machine”, and “Human Race” – being the only songs that stand out.

“Painkiller” and “I Am Machine” both feature some nice riffs and catchy choruses, and will be nice radio fodder in upcoming months.

“Human Race”, meanwhile, is actually a pretty good song, featuring interesting synth-work from guest Dani Rosenoer, a cool guitar solo by Barry Stock, and serving as a good introduction for new lead vocalist Matt Walst. Unfortunately, the song suffers from silly lyrics and very poor placement on the album. With comparatively mellow instrumentals, lyrics oversaturated with the word “goodbye”, and the only fade-out on the album, “Human Race” sounds like it was meant to end the album, despite being the first track.

Musings aside, there’s a worthwhile song on Human. Maybe even three. Unfortunately, the album is twelve tracks long. Three out of twelve isn’t great, and neither is Human.