“Time to rewind/back to 1995”


I once heard Godsmack called “post-grunge.” After listening to the band’s latest release, 1000hp, I can confirm that’s a great description.

1000hp is a metal album, but Godsmack approaches the genre through ‘90s-coloured glasses. The music is fast, raw and angry without thrashing about; the lyrics are chock-full of societal angst; the music just sounds grunge-y.

Of ten tracks, every one is a fist-pumper. Songs like “FML,” “Locked & Loaded” and the title track are no-brainers, but even pseudo-ballads “Something Different” and “Nothing Comes Easy” are full of heavy guitars and attention-stealing riffs to stomp your feet to.

1000hp has a lot of winners, but the clear highlight is “Generation Day.”  The longest track on the record, “Generation Day” establishes its identity right away with an impossibly catchy riff by guitarist Tony Rombola. That riff carries the song until the whole thing slows down for a two-minute guitar solo/ballad-break, and even then you’ll be humming it in time with the band until it starts up again.

Meanwhile, Sully Erna’s vocals are unique. He holds his notes like Volbeat’s Michael Poulson, pronounces words like a deep-voiced Kurt Cobain, and enunciates like James Hetfield (see: every time Erna yells “SHOT!”).

For some, a late-‘90s/early-‘00s metal album released in 2014 has no appeal. For anyone else, though, 1000hp is an excellent trip back in time.